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NFD Savings plan

Important decisions must be planned prudently and early. Start saving today so you can reap what you sowed in a few years. NFD Savings plan is fit to suit your goals and financial capabilities. If you decide to start a Savings plan, you get to determine the sequence of payments. You can make monthly, quarterly or yearly payments.

»Every month, I save a little to accumulate substantial capital as time goes by.«

NFD Savings plan is created for people, who want to save money and wish to accumulate capital through alternative way to bank deposits. In the developed markets, this kind of saving is especially popular with individuals, who wish to save up for a predetermined purpose. Many start this way to buy real estate after they've started their first job or to save up for their children's tuition, when they've only started school. Some simply start saving for later times to avoid having enough time but not enough money to fulfill their wishes when they are retired.

»Create your own savings plan.«

At the initiation of the savings plan you get to determine the sequence of payments. You can make monthly, quarterly or yearly payments. We recommend a minimum payment sum of 40 EUR for a monthly payment plan, a minimum 120 EUR payment sum for the quarterly payment plan and a minimum 480 EUR payment sum for the yearly payment plan. At the initiation point, one is obliged to make the payments in the predetermined sum to the account of the fund in a regular cyclic manner. For the employed, it could be practical, to authorize their bank, to make their payments automatically and avoid missing a payment because of an eventual lapse of memory. An option of quarterly or even yearly payments is perhaps best suited for legal persons and entrepreneurs, especially if their sphere of activity and consequently their inflow of funds is of a more seasonal nature.

»In which sub-fund within Umbrella fund NFD should I start saving long term?«

On long term basis you can save in any of eight sub-funds. The choice of sub-fund is based mainly on your risk profile and expectations. One can expect higher returns from saving in an equity sub-fund at a slightly higher risk level. Fixed income sub-fund NFD Obvezniški on the contrary is ranked among the low risk sub-funds.

»Fees & Features of a Savings plan«

From all the payments made as part of the savings plan, NFD management company will in first year charge double entry commission in second year single entry commission and after that there is no commission left. The latter is the main advantage for those who decide to initiate a savings plan, as their average fund entry costs gets reduced in the fourth year and is getting lower every subsequent year.

NFD Savings plan, for equity sub-funds

Savings / YearsEntry feeManagement fee / per year
1. year6% of payment sum2%
2. year3% of payment sum2%
3. year and subsequent years0% of payment sum2%

NFD Savings plan, for fixed income NFD Obvezniški sub-fund

Savings / YearsEntry feeManagement fee / per year
1. year2% of payment sum1%
2. year1% of payment sum1%
3. year and subsequent years0% of payment sum1%

»Am I allowed to withdraw funds ahead of time?«

Funds already invested in the course of the savings plan, are equally liquid as if they were paid in a lump sum. That means that you'll be able to withdraw it at any time without paying extra fees. By abandoning periodical payments, one would lose all acquired benefits from Savings plan. Failure to fulfill your obligation brings a definite stop to the savings plan. You are also not allowed to make bigger or additional payments than the pre-agreed sum, but you are on the other hand able to initiate a new – additional savings plan. In case of large lump sum payments all benefits form reduced entry fees are accountable.

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